Oct 08

Specie X

Today while driving back home I put myself into a reference position and started observing  specie X. This specie X is one of the most powerful specie in the ecosystem they say. They can think they say! They can execute they say! But at the end of day it is specie I believe. It has …

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Apr 06

Why To Practice Meditation?

I was having a chat with one of my friend. We were discussing about our interests and future plans. After understanding the things I had to say she simply asked, “why to practice meditation?”. I love questions which start with ‘why’. They help us to understand things in a better way. I thought the simplicity …

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Apr 03

Travel Diaries: Pune, Kolhapur, Kankavli and freaking on NH-17


//Please Note: This post is poorly edited. You will find lot of errors and poor picture quality. But the point is to share quality time that I could spend with my friends and cousin at Virtuosic 2014// Being spontaneous is what I like the most. My hostel friends and family have been a part of …

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Mar 18

E commerce: Understanding customer sales!

What makes an e-commerce website complete? You might have invested hours and hours on the design to make it look cool or outstanding than the other players in the market or you might be offering the best giveaways possible. But does that really make sure you have a high ROI (Return on Investment). Today we …

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Mar 10

Entrepreneurship: “The trick is to get it done”

Dreaming big is not a sin. Sin is the rigidity we carry. Entrepreneurship is a process where you have to learn fast. You learn either by making mistakes or analyzing the mistakes other’s have committed. The later part saves time and money. Young Entrepreneurs face problems of achieving their goals. To start with; they don’t …

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Mar 08

Stop, Think and Celebrate that “SHE” makes your life beautiful

We all are one! This is what I truly believe. This belief in return has it’s own questions. For instance why do we differentiate each other every now and then? To start with why do we need to celebrate our peculiarity or form? But then I tried my best to analyse things around. In the …

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Feb 28

keep children out of social media during exams

Another update in 24 hours and I was wondering what is wrong with my nephew? Few minutes later, I see my neighbor coming up with one of his classy updates with equally classy snap. He is indeed blessed with the skill of writing. But is this the right time to showcase? I understand social media …

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Feb 18

Healing Diaries – A week with Core Healing

Standing in front of the mirror I was staring my own eyes. Questioning myself, what had gone wrong? I have a strong belief in Karma. Every time I fail or I am not able to justify my expectations. I feel my actions are the cause. That is how I end up standing in front of …

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Feb 17

Twitter Mentions

@AkshayMDalvi Thanks for sharing your articles with us. They are unique and interesting to read. — Classmate (@classmatebyitc) February 17, 2014

Feb 17

Twitter Mentions

A must read article for all #Parents RT @AkshayMDalvi This one is on why should we train our children… http://t.co/sLg8jHWKWw — Classmate (@classmatebyitc) February 17, 2014

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