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Apr 06

Why To Practice Meditation?

I was having a chat with one of my friend. We were discussing about our interests and future plans. After understanding the things I had to say she simply asked, “why to practice meditation?”. I love questions which start with ‘why’. They help us to understand things in a better way. I thought the simplicity …

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Mar 08

Stop, Think and Celebrate that “SHE” makes your life beautiful

We all are one! This is what I truly believe. This belief in return has it’s own questions. For instance why do we differentiate each other every now and then? To start with why do we need to celebrate our peculiarity or form? But then I tried my best to analyse things around. In the …

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Feb 14

On a Valentine’s Day – Friends the integral part of life!

I don’t remember a year where I had special celebrations for the Valentine’s Day. I used to spend time with my parents if I was at home. Last few years when I use to be close with my special one. I use to prefer attending lectures and then walking back to the hostel room. I …

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