Mar 18

E commerce: Understanding customer sales!

What makes an e-commerce website complete? You might have invested hours and hours on the design to make it look cool or outstanding than the other players in the market or you might be offering the best giveaways possible. But does that really make sure you have a high ROI (Return on Investment). Today we will have a look at an aspect of E-commerce website that you cannot afford to overlook.

Visit a small store!

When you visit a small store in your local area you will notice that the owner of the shopkeeper knows most of the customers. The owner is not only aware of his name but also what usually the customer shops for. Owner knows the needs and monthly requirements of the customer.
For him the returning customer is important. The returning customer brings easy sales and high valuation over the years. For e.g. a customer buying a 20INR service/product daily for 10years gives him a considerable valuation.

Understanding the sales!

On an e-commerce website the first time customer spends much time. Being familiar with the website takes time. On his return the customer spends less time. In other words they have faster checkouts. But if the displayed products on returning visit are of no interest. There is a chance of losing a prospective sale.
With the amount of server side scripts and tools, tracking of customer is easier. It is very important to know the interests of the customers and his buying trends. Collecting data such as the age group, location, interests, gender, etc can help you suggest products/services accordingly.


Invest your time on understanding buying trends of a particular customer. The effort taken is worth it.
Recommending and suggestions that are sensible make more effect rather than showing the products that we have in our inventory but are of no use to the customer.