Feb 18

Healing Diaries – A week with Core Healing

Standing in front of the mirror I was staring my own eyes. Questioning myself, what had gone wrong? I have a strong belief in Karma. Every time I fail or I am not able to justify my expectations. I feel my actions are the cause. That is how I end up standing in front of the mirror trying to talk to myself.

Few months in recent past had been testing. I was finding myself more than often standing in front of the mirror trying to find a solution. For my good luck it was taking time. I could see no solutions. It had become a daily routine to visit doctors. I had managed to attend the entire list of orthopedics centers in the locality. Adding to it I have an anxious mind which adds to the depressions in such cases.

I was regretting few habits in my life. But regretting was not the solution. I even had advises about motivating myself the way I use to spend my time motivating others. But take my word it is easier in the latter case. I tried medicines, exercises and even meditating. But I failed. Month long physiotherapy solutions showed no significant improvement. I had lost hope. I started procrastinating. It was affecting my career that was yet to start.

My mom who had always been a strong support and the one to pull out magic when things don’t work took me to an orthopedic. Few years back he had helped me heal from an air line fracture in my hand. He looked at me and said, “Do you need medicines?” I said, “No.” He continued just practice these three exercises. He asked me to put up a big smile which I usually fail to put up.

With the set of exercises I started meditating. I am more than sure that the ancient science of mudras (google “healing hand mudras”) and chakras (google “human body chakras”) can do wonders. The next week I could see some changes. I met awesome people. During our discussions I came to know that even they are very fond of meditating. That is how we turned out to be good work buddies.

One day she(my colleague) introduced me to “Core Healing”. They work to heal people on an emotional and physical horizon. It is a distant healing program. In fact she gifted me a ten day session with them. Being truthful I always wanted to enroll for such programs. But never had an chance but she just made things easier. Life had already changed by leaps and bonds. People had already started considering me lucky for the things I bagged in past few months. Because overlooking the efforts to develop my projects while being in college was easy. Well lashing back at them is not in scope of this article. Just kidding!

The program has three sessions per day for a week. The motive is to improve healing in form of better thinking, achieving peace and tranquility. On day one I had a headache a bad one. This is called healing crisis. It takes 2 to 3 days for the body to calm down and accept the healing process in complete.

The best thing about core healing is I don’t have to come out of my schedule to receive the healing. So will it work I wondered? I found myself driving or getting hooked up in an important consignment or at times even sleeping during morning. But I could see the change that had come in. I was communicating better than ever. The way I was connecting with friends and family had improved. Concentrating was much easier.

Changes were significant I could notice them and so did the close ones. Still I was questioning my self is it really working? In just 3-4 days I noticed a significant trend. I was able to work long hours. I felt strong vibes after the evening sessions. I felt relaxed and energized. I could extend hours to do the things I loved.

The best part was yet to be discovered. It was the moment I sat for meditating. I found concentrating easier. Not only limited to concentration but the visualization those were felt during mediating on chakras. Chakra meditation is not a one day process. It takes years of practice at times even life time to feel the sensations. I had my own research on the following topic in past years. I also went to be recognized as an author to the paper “Electro Shakti Healing” based on the concept of Chakras and application of Sound and Light Energy in healing human body published in an International Technology Magazine. I am a novice in this field. The Core healing team has advanced to great heights. Thing I liked about them was; there will to reach people and their unmatched kindness. There is science behind the working of meditation and distance healing which is been researched all over the world. For few it is like sending a manned spacecraft to Mars. Some believe they will reach for others it is a weirdest imagination.

I won’t say that I have completely overcome my orthopedic issues in 7 days. Well they are not performing magic here but what I found was the much needed calmness and an energetic aura around to perform. Try meditating it helps! It helps you grow on all horizons of Life. Wish you all a good luck and Thanks for the awesome experience. The role of my friend introducing me to Core Healing can’t be unnoticed.