Know Me

I believe that we have great energy within us. In most of the cases we do not realize it because we are strangled in the power of illusions or past deeds. I find irresistible striving to overcome both and find a path to have love and happiness filled life for every soul. That is what I really mean by stating “Rebelling for your wonderland”.

I am the Evangelist behind “Once again green” which I co-founded as a social entrepreneurship project that touched the lives of people in Mumbai and parts of India. Where we encourage eco-literacy, formulate and promote eco-friendly products. This project has pushed me to what I am today.

My early life was devoted to football as I played and led the school team. When I entered the college for +2 grades I developed love for writing poems and articles. Five years later I see myself completing a half century of literature content in English and Marathi.

I grew up in Mumbai and intrinsically developed love for cricket and fast life. Then I moved to Kokan (south west part of Maharashtra) the exclusive place for the nature to show its art crafts for my under graduation. Thus had a good hand experience with the life style, mindset, and market of urban, semi urban and rural places in India.

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Mumbai University. I justify my profession with my love for problem solving and finding generalization in the beauty of nature and environment that we reside in. Science for me is not only machines but every single element and thought that channelize the working in this universe.

I am keen on public speaking and expressing thoughts on science, holistic science and alternative medicines. My love for research has led to development of “Electro Shakti Healing” a process where we could manage and improvise our selves better through electrical energy (Sound, Light and Waves).

The need to be better than yesterday has led to the formulation of Innovate, Develop and Market program. I myself have worked with major MNC’s, Director and Managers, SME, Start-up Individualist on product development, social media, profile development, pricing and promotion and many more.

To connect with me and feel the difference you can mail me at akshaymahadevdalvi [at]