Oct 08

Specie X

Today while driving back home I put myself into a reference position and started observing  specie X. This specie X is one of the most powerful specie in the ecosystem they say. They can think they say! They can execute they say! But at the end of day it is specie I believe.

It has own set of complications and problems, just visualize the situation, you are in a car on the backseat, your eyes on the car at the right which is trying to pace itself to pass you. The man in the car looking ahead through the glass with his hands on the leather patch, which helps him control the metal box.
Now imagine, this man with his heart pumping blood, with the most complex chemical reactions taking place in his body, but he hardly can differentiate only 1-2% of the total chemical reactions in his body. Appreciate he has the ability to think and act, where he challenges his own piece of flesh. If he is successful to win the battle within himself, he sets to put up a challenge to those in his community.

His life cycle is limited, revolves in space with a piece of complex rock composition. Where he has no control but he still believes that he is in control of it.

I wonder what would have happen if Specie A, Specie B could think? It would have probably led to one of the most complex wars, and I wonder, will the peace treaties help in such case? What if Specie A can’t read what specie X has to say!!!

Illusionist, take a bow, the beauty of the game is unexplainable.

Take another look at it, same complex organic compounds, same set of elements, same biological reactions, same chemical reactions, but the specie X rates its members by the way they are dressed, the place where they reside.

In case of ants, a hypothetical case can be the ant managing to get few more stones and placing it ahead of her space(personal room may be!) in the ant hill, and start saying the other ants, “Hey, you are dumb!!!”

Specie X why the split? Why the discrimination? Why the community? Why the war? Why the pride? Why the ego?

If we believe a bit of science aren’t we evolved from the same biological cell that split into two? Aren’t we evolved from the same set of elements from the earth’s crust and gases from its atmosphere?

So why do we have the pride of being the specie X? Why the race to survive in terms of money? Can’t it be free for all? Well I wonder, what chaos that would add?
Ohh! My specie X, I guess I love you, for you make me see the beauty of illusionist!!! The illusionist who just takes you away and further away from reality so that you can know what the reality is… It is that we are all the same!!!

Complex compounds of Star Dust…
Complex compounds of Star Dust…