Mar 08

Stop, Think and Celebrate that “SHE” makes your life beautiful

We all are one! This is what I truly believe. This belief in return has it’s own questions. For instance why do we differentiate each other every now and then? To start with why do we need to celebrate our peculiarity or form?

But then I tried my best to analyse things around. In the case of Women’s day it is not about celebrating the peculiarity or the form of soul it is about appreciating. Appreciating the part that the women plays!

Although we are one we need to appreciate and applause every element that makes us complete. The incompleteness of every individual and element makes this universe complete. So why not appreciate the fact. Every individual has its own role to play. Such individual brings in its own qualities for the things to look well.

For instance women have a very major role to play for this completeness. More often than not we fail to look at the things that she brings on the table. It is not about what role she plays. It is not about the way she acts. It is about the way her intrinsic values heal the world and help rebuild and grow. She has this quality to nurture and protect. She is the power.

Understanding this fact is difficult. Power to her does not means having a a four pound arm. It means the way she can channelize the energy for better. The way she directs the energy for something fruitful. She can detour things very easily.

Over the years she has played the role of managing the Yang of a man. On a personal note, Most of the men are outwards. They love expanding and achieving new values and new places. They love the adventure part of it. But behind them stands this form of nature called WOMEN! 90% of the time she absorbs all the dark sides of men so that he can explore the Yin.

This note is not about the comparison between a man and woman. But it is about the fact that women as a character and element brings completeness.

In past century she has taken active part in coming up and expanding. It is great to see realizing her natural instincts of caring and protection to expand for better. Women as a power is the one who will bring balance. Equilibrium!

As men somewhere down the line we fail to see the quality of the things that she brings in. It can be in any form. For instance a mother caring for her child, A sister caring for his brother or your wife making sure that you get your dinner on time or a widow who works hard to feed her children.

Women’s day is to celebrate and find solutions to those women who still lack exposure to the good things in life. It is about Women and children who are been exploited all over the world. It is not about you being educated or having an appealing job in hands. It is all about giving back. After all what you have is nothing but some one else’s effort. Realize this and you would love life. Trust me!

For a second stop, think and celebrate the fact that SHE makes your life beautiful.