Apr 03

Travel Diaries: Pune, Kolhapur, Kankavli and freaking on NH-17


130 Kms to Satara

//Please Note: This post is poorly edited. You will find lot of errors and poor picture quality. But the point is to share quality time that I could spend with my friends and cousin at Virtuosic 2014//

Being spontaneous is what I like the most. My hostel friends and family have been a part of it every now and then. Things have changed now. I have been back to Mumbai for 9 odd months. I hardly travel. I have not been to college even to collect my results. The main reasons being my backbone which had multiple issues and college being 500 kilo-meters far. Thus, travel was a strict NO-NO!.

But few weeks back I just thought of driving to college to get the convocation. But I had a very difficult time finding someone to accompany me. The whole night I had to explain my parents that I can drive at night. But then again it was a strict NO! But for my good luck I had my cousin Anirudh (I always F*** up with the spelling) to accompany me. He was surely more spontaneous than what I am. Do you need Justification? I called him at 8:30 am in the morning. “I am planning to leave for Kankavli…,” I said. He said,” It’s on”. In next two and half hours we were on the Pune Express Highway with some good old rock music. By 12:30 pm we had lunch near Pune and were excited to drive on the Pune Kolhapur Highway.

Somewhere deep down in mind we had target to reach college by 7:30 pm but we promised each other that we are not racing!!! Drive safe we reminded each other and there were plenty of calls back from home to guide us. We felt as if we are on some big expedition.


Driving towards the Mountains.










But the real fun was yet to begin. We were already running to reach Kankavli by 7:30 – 8:00 pm. But for our good luck we messed up with roads and lost our way.

For 2 hours we were trying to come out of the remote village that we had managed to reach. Just before the darkness could come in Anirudh thought of loading up with some vada pav.


IMG_20140314_204707287 IMG_20140314_204713672 IMG_20140314_204721968 IMG_20140314_204733052

Finally we reached at college. After reaching there, it was time to hug all the old good friends and rejoice. It was a surprise they had never imagined. To end the day we came back to my friend’s room. Chilled beer was waiting for us.

The next day we had all the more fun with the college friends. Also made sure I collect my convocation.


On Sunday morning it was more fun returning back home on NH-17 with all the fog and curvy roads.

I wanted to drive here ever since I was a child.

Finally we reached back home by 3:30 pm. And we really had super time with you all… :) IMG_20140316_153106738[1]