Apr 06

Why To Practice Meditation?

I was having a chat with one of my friend. We were discussing about our interests and future plans. After understanding the things I had to say she simply asked, “why to practice meditation?”.

I love questions which start with ‘why’. They help us to understand things in a better way.

I thought the simplicity of this question has lot of depth.

-          Why?

-          It helps.

-          Where does it help?

-          It helps to stay at peace. It reduces stress. Improve process related to thinking and concentration.

Let’s not get into medical terms for now. For instance the effects of meditation on maintaining blood pressure.

-          How does it help? I can’t count meditation!

-          I am a student of science and the first chapter that I studied was ‘units and dimension’. Thus counting things has lot of priority. (She did not ask this question)

Let’s make it simple.

Example one:

You have a washing machine which has the capacity to wash 10 clothes at one time.

What will happen it we add 15 clothes. The load will increase and will have wear and tear in the machine parts. Or there is a chance of poor washing.

In similar way what will happen if we have 5 clothes for washing. The load on the machine will be low. The machine can perform to a satisfactory level.

Example Two

You own a smart phone which has a RAM of 512 MB and an additional phone of 1024 MB.

The capacity of both the phones is different. They can handle number of process according to their RAM abilities.

As we come back to the process of meditation. The fundamental idea is; when you meditate you try to concentrate on one thing. This reduces the number of process on brain. So it helps the brain to calm down from our daily routine.

When you slower the process of breathing. You tend to allow the expansion of lungs and keep the elasticity intact. Full expansion of lungs also allows more amount of oxygen to the blood stream.

This reduces the amount of load on the body and brain. Our brain consumes lot of energy for different process during the day. Meditation can give the much needed boost to it.

In example two when we discussed about different RAM potentials. The same is the way we use or brain. It also depends on the trend that we have followed over the years which is outside the scope of this article.

For now I would say give some time to your brain and start meditating. We need it!